Utah State Bar: Find a lawyer through the Utah State Bar’s lawyer search. Also has info on qualifying for reduced rates

Lawyers who specialize in housing and evictions:

People’s Legal Aid, 801-477-6975,

Utah Legal Services, 801-388-8891,

Lawyers who specialize in housing discrimination:

Utah Disability Law Center, 800-662-9080,

Utah Housing Coalition, 801-364-0077,

The coalition’s Renter’s Toolkit is a comprehensive guide to help renters understand their legal rights available and is available in English & Spanish. To access the toolkit click HERE.

Rental Assistance & Financial Help

Utah Housing Assistance Program: Reach out if you are struggling to pay rent and utilities because of COVID-19

Utah Community Action: Can help you find general rental assistance and COVID-19 rental assistance.


Other relief

Utah Renters Together:

An advocacy group with resources that also collects stories from evicted Utahns to help lobby for change in Utah’s housing laws.

Crossroads Urban Center:

Lots of Utahns get evicted when they miss a payment because another bill comes up. They have a car problem and can’t get to work and lose their job, or keeping the power on leaves them short on rent. Some renters choose to put food on the table and hope to push the rent payment back a few days.

The Crossroads Urban Center has an emergency food pantry in their Salt Lake City location. If you walk in you can also request help from their Virginia A. Walton Emergency Assistance Fund. The fund provides a small amount of help just when you need it.

It covers:

  • Gasoline vouches for $15 to a local service station (available once a year)
  • Prescription vouchers to a local pharmacy (available once a year)
  • Day passes for UTA (12 available a year)
  • 30 day passes for UTA (need to be starting a new job, available once a year)
  • Help stopping 48 hour utility cutoffs (available once every five years)

Contact them at 801-364-776,


The Centers for Disease Control issued a ban on evictions in September 2020 that has now been extended until March 31, 2021.

To take advantage of the eviction ban you need to read this CDC form carefully, sign it and provide it to your landlord. Try to e-mail the form to your landlord so you have proof that they received it.

Some important things to remember:

  • You have to be low income
  • You have to have tried to receive rental assistance (See the Rent Help page)
  • You have to swear that if you are evicted it means you will become homeless or you will have to move in with someone else.
  • You also have to swear that the pandemic hurt your ability to earn money and pay your rent.
  • There are heavy penalties for lying when filling out this form.

Last but not least, keep in mind that this does not mean you don’t have to pay rent. Your landlord will keep charging you rent and fees and when the eviction ban ends, you will be responsible for paying for ALL of it.

If you use this you should work hard to either find a new place to move into that might be more affordable or find rental assistance to help pay your back rent.